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Local AUTENTICAL sites

AUTENTICAL addresses the new upcoming tendency of searching for local, authentic and unique experiences far away from mainstream tourism and all the tourists.

Local AUTENTICAL sites cover each area, so that your properties are presented as authentic accommodation along with news and insight about local experiences - the perfect combination for this rising travel tendency.

Our booking partners

We have also teamed up with more than 30 booking partners that work more broadly and reach out wider than we do ourselves.

This way you will get bookings of both kinds - the perfect combination for you as owner or manager.

All properties registered with AUTENTICAL will be promoted both on the local sites and on the many partner sites for maximum impact and effect to our owners and managers.

You will always reach Rikke & Michael when you contact us, so that you do not have to explain everything to a new person every time. We value you and respect your time enough to not waste it unnecessarily.

AUTENTICAL Fincanature
Apartado de Correos 60
E-29320 Campillos (Málaga)
Email: info(at)fincanature.com
Phone: (+34) 951 24 25 29

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