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Frequently Asked Questions About Listing

How do I get paid?

We make monthly bank transfers to a EUR currency account for the bookings of that month. To be concrete we pay between the 3rd and the 5th of the month for arrivals between the 10th of that month and the 10th of the following month. So you have the payment between 5 and 35 days before arrival.

Do I get a deposit payment?

Your payments are guaranteed by the contract we sign, so there is no need for a deposit. Therefore we make only one payment per booking.

Can I take payment in cash?

Cash is not possible. The booking partners charge the entire amount from their clients and we pay out to the managers/owners by bank transfer.

What kind of clients?

It is impossible to say beforehand who will book, but during the 10 years we have been partner with these booking sites we never experienced groups of young people partying or destroying the property. We normally have families and couples. It is also possible to prohibit groups of young people in the registration form if you prefer.

For the low season only?

It is not possible to list only for getting bookings outside the high season because it would not be fair towards the booking partners to let them advertise your property without getting the possibility of letting it in the high season as well. You can block your own bookings, but you cannot block periods beforehand because you expect private bookings.

Cancellation conditions?

Cancelation between 0 and 30 days before arrival gives you a 100% compensation - as if it hadn't been cancelled. Cancellation more than 30 days before arrival gives you a 20% compensation.


Is it possible with enquiries first?

No. The booking partners work with online bookings and therefore need properties that are available instantly. But you update the calendar yourself, so you keep the control.

What is the booking process?

When a client makes a booking with one of the booking partners we send you a booking confirmation email. We ask all clients to inform about their arrival and when they do so you can get in direct contact, so that you can coordinate hand-over of keys, damage deposit payment, etc.

Can you charge the damage deposit?

We cannot charge the damage deposit for you, but we inform the clients about it, so that they arrive prepared to pay it. We make marketing, bookings and payments only. As property owner or manager you are responsible for hand-over of keys, cleaning, maintenance and charge/return of damage deposit.

How do I update the calendar?

We will connect with an iCal calendar of yours, meaning that you simply update your own calendars - then we are also updated. You keep full control this way.

What is the mark-up applied?

The booking partners add their mark-up on top of the net prices contracted, but we do not know what percentage they add and do not have any influence on it. With our experience we do, however, have a good idea about how to set the net prices so that the end user prices become as favourable as possible.

Will you come and see my property?

We cover a huge area and it is therefore not possible for us to visit all the properties beforehand. It is also not necessary in order to mediate the contact between managers/owners and the booking partners. We use the facts submitted by the managers/owners themselves to publish the properties with the booking partners.


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