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How To Publish With AUTENTICAL And Our Partners

Property Owners & Managers

As property owner or manager with the AUTENTICAL network you get lots of advantages - and listing does not have any direct costs for you.

A Very Large Network The Largest Network
Your property will be advertised at the local AUTENTICAL site as well as with our more than 30 booking partners throughout Europe. Many of these partners are some of the biggest in Europe - others are platforms that normally charge serious prices for advertising.
One Single Point Of Access One Single Point Of Access
It is a necessary requirement to maintain your own calendars updated at all times. Both we and our partners check you calendars before booking.
Online Bookings Online Bookings
All of the more than 30 booking partners in the network make online bookings without previous enquiry. Ever more travellers book online nowadays.
Let To Germans, Dutch & Scandinavians Reach all of Europe
The over 30 booking partners cover all of Europe and are especially strong in Germany, The Netherlands, UK and the Scandinavian countries.
Owners & Managers in Andalusia

The AUTENTICAL Network is now contracting apartments, cottages and country houses in Andalusia.

As owner or manager of a residence, a finca, a complex or another accommodation facility you need only register one of each type of accommodation you have.

And you need only to block your calendar for each type when they are fully booked.

Click to register your property now

Click Register now! to register your properties. If you have doubts please see the frequently asked questions. And you can use this form to solicit further information:

_Name & surname:

_Online link to your properties:


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_Short description of your properties:


Affiliation Models
85% Contract
We pay 85% of your published prices.
Rregistration costs:
    100% Contract
We pay 100% of your published prices
Registration costs: 125 EUR/year.
Our Property Owners Say:

"I have nothing but compliments for your work. I haven't had so much success with any other service (and I have used several dozen over the years) over such a short period of time and so far it's been the best bang for the buck, which I hope is an indication of what's to come. I'd recommend your service to any vacation rental owner"

Boris Vainer, owner, Estepona

"I have been a house owner with Autentical Fincanature for 2 years. In that time I have had numerous bookings and have had full occupancy over the summer months. The advantage for me is not having to pay an advertising fee "up front". You pay the percentage commission only when you have a confirmed booking. I have had some lovely guests from Denmark and Germany who speak perfect English. Rikke & Michael respond quickly to any queries I have. I have been very happy with their service and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other house owners"

Christine Conyers, owner, Almogía

"I would recommend you as I have had good service from you. I have got bookings from a variety of clients but majority have been very sensible and looked after the villa. Your responses have been very prompt and the payments have been made accordingly, no delays or excuses"

Abdul Caratella, owner, Estepona

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