Rikke & Michael i Osuna (i Sevilla-provinsen)
Til forsiden About Autentical Fincanature - and our history Rikke & Michael

AUTENTICAL means local experiences, authentic country and village houses, whitewashed villages, mountains and olive groves.

We are a Danish couple that, as most foreigners, started out on the coast, near to beach, international restaurants and lots of shopping possibilities. After a few year we got caught by the need to look inland and experience a more authentic Spain. We spent lots of week ends driving around the different areas - and with time we moved further and further inland.

The fascination of inland Andalusia wouldn't stop; the amazing nature, the mountains, the lakes, the woods and the silver shining olive grooves with small fincas and huge whitewashed cortijos. And the villages with curious and helpful locals. As well as the dining experiences of traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients - and our participation/engagement in all local festivities and fiestas.

10 years have gone by and we still learn, get fascinated and get surprised... We have by now found our own place, our own finca, our own village and our own people - and now we would like to share some of all this with our guests, so that you may have just a little bit of all the beauty, fascination and heart gripping experiences there is by living among the locals in the real Andalusia.

Rikke & Michael

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Fincas, Country & Village Houses

We bought and restored the old Andalusian farmhouse "El Arpa" in The Lake District of Malaga, where we let apartments to hikers, birdwatchers and other nature lovers - and we live here ourselves.

When the demand for El Arpa became so high that we where unable to accommodate all the enquirers we started letting on behalf of other house owners as well - and have been doing that for 10 years now.

We started up with properties in our area, but it soon spread to other places inland as well as to the coasts.

At first our neighbours, family, friends and acquaintances asked if we would let their properties for them - and since then they have recommended us to others and we now have a broad network of property owners that we have been working with for many years now and who we can trust to deliver nice, clean, safe and unique holiday homes to our guests.


Our own finca

The idea about unique and authentic holiday homes was born at our own finca, where we have engaged all our energy in creating the perfect frame for great holidays in the nature between mountain and lakes.

It is a more than 100 years old farmhouse, so it has of course lots of andalusian spirit and history.

The 6 studio apartments for 2 persons each have been decorated nicely with lots of light through the big windows, which allows you to lie in the bed watching the lake. They have brick build kitchens and other Andalusian details combined with original paintings and great sense of detail.

It is in the perfect place, as it is located in the middle of Andalucía - just 1½ hours drive to each of the big cities. Although there is not a house in sight we are located just 4 km from the old dam with 4 restaurants, a camping site and lots of life.

El Arpa Finca Malaga

El ArpaEl Arpa

Rikke & Michael's unique places to stay in Andalucía

Please see our unique and very special places to stay in Andalucía:

Om Rikke & Michael

Our very special and extremely cosy cottage with pool and near the beach
Number of persons: 3 3______Pet(s) not allowed______Soverum1______Outdoor pool1______Beach500m______Livable area: 42 m²42______Rooms: 33
Our very special and extremely cosy cottage with pool and near the beach
Our fantastic and beautiful villa in the very nice and popular Calahonda
Number of persons: 6 6______Pet(s) allowed1______Bedrooms: 33______Shared pool1______Beach1,8km______Livable area: 140 m²140______Rooms: 77
Our fantastic and beautiful villa in the very nice and popular Calahonda